Here are a few of my most requested topics…

  • The Song of Solomon – Physical attraction, love, and marriage can bring us the greatest joy in life and the deepest pain. Christy shares a biblical perspective on loving the men in our lives that not only saved her failing marriage but helped her build an extraordinary love.
  • Hello, Joy! – The goal for this talk is to help women see exactly why bringing joy into other people’s lives makes her so attractive to those around her.
  • Timeless Beauty – Every woman is unique and different, yet there is something common to us all – We seek the kind of beauty that, unlike physical beauty, is timeless, and only increases as the years progress. It’s a quest at the core of every woman’s soul. This session discusses an ageless, Divine beauty that cannot be found in a mall and is not subject to the opinion of others.
  • Designed to Love – We are compelled by design to love others… parents, spouses, children, neighbors, friends and God. Yet we know so little about how to love and why it is so vital for our overall wellbeing. Christy shares insights that will breathe new life into the joy of loving others
  • I Love Him, But I Don’t Get Him – This is a fun workshop that helps women understand what we need to know about GUYS. This workshop is designed to teach about the incredible, uniquely female design of a woman’s brain and how life’s stresses can be removed by having a better understanding of why men respond so differently. Women discover how thoughts are formed and that our male/female designs are actually meant to complement each other.
  • Renewing Your Mind – Thoughts are not innocent. It is well documented in medical science that runaway thoughts and emotions can make us more susceptible to colds and flu, as well as more serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic lifestyle diseases. This topic is designed to help explain how our thoughts can infect or heal, and the importance of taking every thought captive.
  • Navigating Conflicts – When conflicts cannot be resolved, issues build up in relationships. Without using educated guesses based on hunches or opinions, this workshop is designed to demystify why some relationships fail and why others succeed.


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Welcome to my speaking page

It is my goal to make you and your event successful by giving your women meaningful information they can apply immediately in their lives and relationships. I teach to effect a change… to move women from the place where they are now to the place they want to be by giving them a practical path to make it happen. I explain not just how things are, but how they work, so women truly “get it” and are empowered to transfer it into their lives. I believe women today are smart and deserve great content. My talks are perfect for outreach. Women will want to invite friends and family because there is something truly valuable for everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I am truly honored to be considered for your next event.

My Bio

I am a passionate Bible teacher, conference speaker, mentor, author and wife. My book, “Dare to Love a Man” was released in November 2015 and will be followed by the accompanying “Beyond the Dare Journal” in 2016. I incorporate my personal and professional experience to share life-changing insights on relationships and romance. My background includes more than 20 years of training and development in corporate America. I have been a wife for 33 plus years to Jim and we have a son, Chris. We attend Scottsdale Bible Church where I also teach courses on building extraordinary relationships. I have been known to have a contagious passion for God and His Word, and I would love the opportunity to share that passion with your audience.