AZ wild horses on our romantic adventure

Romance is an Adventure We Live Together

For Jim and I romance is more than just candlelight (though we like that too). For us, romance is an adventure we live together. It’s about sharing unique times. We aren’t simply interested in being married. Jim and I want to be in love and actually feel like we’re in love too. It requires some effort but the effort saves us from the marriage doldrums where love gets old and tends to fade. Been there, done that, not interested.

So recently, Jim and I decided to set off for a romantic adventure together. We didn’t have an exact plan in mind so we reached into our Togetherness Box for an idea (if you don’t know what that is, check out my blog “Take Pressure off Dating with a Togetherness Box”).

“Get Lost.” We blinked at the words on the colorful slip of paper we’d just drawn from the box. Then we looked up and smiled at each other.

An instant spark of excitement lit between us. This was one of our favorite date ideas because to us, getting lost means exploring someplace you’ve never been before…together.

Eager to get our adventure underway, we grabbed the cameras, packed a couple of ham sandwiches, threw in some chips and drinks, hopped in our jeep and away we went.

It’s springtime in Arizona and there’s no beauty quite like the beauty of the desert in Spring. We knew the heat would soon set in so this was the perfect time to go someplace we’d never seen before.

When Jim and I “get lost”, we take it quite literally. It’s nothing for us to turn down several roads without the faintest clue where they lead. That’s the great thing about GPS. You can always find your way out if you get too lost, so we weren’t worried in the least. We stumbled onto a beautiful hiking area and started taking a few pictures when a fellow photographer approached us. After exchanging a few pleasantries about cameras, she asked us if we’d seen the wild horses.

“What? Wild horses! Where?”

We had no idea if the horses she described would still be where she said they were, but we decided to find out. Having been raised on an Arabian horse ranch, I’ve seen countless horses but I’ve never seen a wild one!

Her directions were a bit sketchy and it felt very much like we were probably lost. Then travel signs cautioning drivers to be on the lookout for wild horses appeared, so we were pretty sure we were on the right trail.

“Look! There they are,” I told Jim excitedly. Sure enough, a herd of wild horses right in the middle of the desert. Because it is springtime, we even spotted several mares with their newborn foals—icing on the top!


AZ wild horses on our romantic adventure

Wild Mustang foal from our romantic adventure

By end of our adventure, we’d explored several new areas and I doubt either of us have ever enjoyed a ham sandwich so much.

I believe one of the main reasons why marriages fail to thrive is because it’s so easy drift apart into isolation when we stop creating shared moments together. No couple wants to drift into complacency, but that’s exactly what happens when we aren’t intentional about romance. It takes a little effort but the rewards are worth it.

Maybe it’s time for you and your sweetheart to set out on an adventure and find a few wild horses of your own.

Stay lovely my friend,

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  1. Lori Parodi

    Love this article…. and love those mares with their babies….

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