When Your Child Must Be A Soldier

This is something I posted when my nephew (Grant Otten) enlisted. Here he is with my sister, Joan. Grant was just deployed to Afghanistan…

They can’t read about it in the headlines or watch it on the news; they’ve got to be there! They can’t watch history in the making from here… they have to be a part of it. They are a special breed who feels that when freedom and democracy are at risk; they want to be one of the good guys against the bad guys to hold back the knife. They’re the ones who signed up the day they saw our Ranger being dragged through the streets at “Blackhawk Down”.

They can’t stay home in comfort and later look back and feel theirs was a life well lived. They know their very lives are in danger so they train beyond endurance. To talk them out of enlisting is to ask them not to breathe. Throughout our history as a nation, if you want to get to those of us living in comfort back here, you’ve got to go through our brave soldiers first. My nephew is one such kid who became a soldier because he couldn’t just watch it or read about it… or be talked out of it… he has to be in it. Thank God for our brave soldiers!

Please pray for safety and protection for Grant (Ps 91:9-16)… and comfort for his family! Love you all!!!



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