What’s at Stake if Love Fails?

Recently, a friend shared a heartbreaking story of a woman who pursued a divorce. After 15 years of marriage and two children, she and her husband simply fell out of love. She never stopped to consider along the way, “What’s at stake if love fails?”  She was about to find out.

Without love in the mix, bickering and unhappiness soon rose to unbearable levels. Things were said and done that should have never happened. It seemed the only way to relieve the pain was to end the marriage. So she did.

In the divorce she received a good settlement. Unfortunately, the settlement created a major, capital shortfall for the family business which ultimately caused a freefall into bankruptcy. The business failure was devastating for everyone, including loyal employees (friends) who lost their livelihoods in its wake.

Alone and soaking in the stark realities of juggling two jobs and dealing with the shattered lives of her children, sadly she regrets pursuing the very thing she thought would “fix” her happiness problem. She confided in my friend, “It would have been so much easier to ignite love again.”

I tell you this true tragic story because in the midst of the flurry of life, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and consider what’s at stake if your love fails.

It’s a reminder not to put love on the back burner waiting for a better time, more energy, fewer demands. There is no better time. The honest truth is for love to thrive it must be pursued by you through small, daily expressions of love—a warm smile, a gentle kiss, a soft touch, a kind word, a whisper of a bygone love story between you.

Stay connected to the precious gift of love. Don’t let it slip away. There is much at stake.

Stay lovely,




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