What You’ll Learn in the Song of Solomon Class

It is so difficult to describe in a single paragraph what I teach in the Dare to Love a Man class. Several ladies who have taken this study have mentioned the short course description does the class no justice. I owe God a great debt of gratitude for using the things I learned from the Shulammite Bride in the Song of Solomon to save my own failing marriage and many women have shared that it has helped them get their own marriages back on track (or kept it from becoming a divorce statistic).

So I thought a more detailed description of what you’ll learn in the Dare to Love a Man Study might be helpful… (see registration details at the end of this post)

Introduction: The first session I quickly summarize – which ultimately takes an entire semester to uncover – the characteristics of a woman that God has hardwired to awaken a man’s love and hold him to her for a lifetime. (I won’t steal the thunder but believe me, it’s not what you think.) I will tell you however, that when a man sees even a hint of this in a woman, he MUST have it and he’ll do anything to protect it and provide for it. It has the power to awaken a man’s love and to reawaken it when love begins to lose its luster over time in marriage. We also go over an introduction to the book and answer questions that often come up – particularly regarding the author, Solomon and why we should listen to him about the purity and exclusivity of marriage.

Love Awakened: Now begins the verse by verse study. As we unpack the text you’ll see the specific characteristics that have been designed in a woman to awaken a man’s love. If you have daughters, this is a MUST for you to teach her. Our culture is producing a generation of drama queens and this part of the Song clearly demonstrates that there is no way by God’s design a man would ever knowingly connect himself to a woman who can’t be happy. In short, you’ll see that a woman who possesses the characteristics we unpack in the Song becomes a life-giving sanctuary to a man.

Springtime of Romance: Once love has been awakened, a man will naturally pursue (even well into his marriage) a springtime of romance with his love. If you’re married, you’ll see this for yourself because if you do your homework assignments – and husbands LOVE the homework assignments in this class – through the Love Awakened session, it will naturally usher in a springtime of romance in your own marriage – happens every time!

The Wedding & Honeymoon: By the time we’ve unpacked the text to this point there will be no doubt about why this man wants a woman like the one in the Song for his own. She has captivated him mind, body and soul. You will observe a covenant wedding and then you’ll watch this couple make love before your very eyes. Even if you have a great mentor in your life, you can’t actually watch her make love to her husband. So many women find this section very helpful.

Paradise Lost: Of the 8 chapters in the Song, two of them are dedicated to conflict. You’ll specifically see how to Biblically navigate inevitable conflict that arises… and also the root cause of your conflicts.

Lasting Love: Is love supposed to fade with time? You’ll see in this session, God would say, “No.” God didn’t just throw us a grenade called love & marriage and say, “Here, play around with this for a while and figure it out.” Rather, the inspired word of God in this last section clearly demonstrates why intimacy deepens and becomes richer. You’ll even see the “glue” that God has determined to hold a marriage together. By the time you finish the Song, there will be no doubt in your mind why a man would commit himself to a woman like this for a lifetime… especially as she ages.

As I mentioned before, women have shared that the Song study has helped them navigate through difficult times in marriage and God has even used it to save failing ones… like He did mine. My husband Jim loves it when I teach this class because I go through all the homework with you too! Jim tells me that God teaches women through this study why and how men fall in love with them and stay committed in a way that no man can express. See you in class!

Dare to Love a Man class starts Tuesday January 19 at 9am at Scottsdale Bible Church. Registrations for class will open soon at this link.


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