What Families Are All About

Families – Enter at your own risk. 

Recently, our son Chris came home for a visit so mamma decided it was time to get some family pictures. As you can see, my guys were super excited about the whole thing!

Families - Bored guys

Now, every family has it’s nuts, but I’m thinking the Osborn’s might have more than their fair share. Which means a photo shoot that starts out normal like this…

Families - Osborn Family Picture

eventually ends up, well, not so much.

But then again, normal is overrated, so we’re good.

Families - Don't feed the monkeys

Families - Osborn guys goofing off

Families - Beware Crazy Monkeys

Yes, the Osborn’s are weird. But even weirdos like us, need a place to belong—a place for common adventures and a place to share memories.

Families are like that. We come in close to cheer on our victories and closer still when things get messy.

We give grace over mistakes because that’s what God has given us.

And we love each other like there’s no tomorrow—in case it doesn’t come.

Families - Christy & Chris looking at each other

In families we chase our dreams together.

We lay open our hearts when it hurts.

We even share the trenches. That way we can give a leg up when needed and then celebrate when we all come out on the other side – together.

Families - Chris & Christy laughing at Jim

So being “normal” isn’t what’s important in our families.

It’s not about wrapping everything in a nice, tidy bow.

It’s about being a place where hopes and dreams have a chance.

And teetering on the line between coming in close to encourage and letting go to give space.

Families - Jim & Christy looking at each other

None of us does family perfectly because that would require perfect people.

But by the grace of God as our families muddle through our days together, we can marvel at how our Lord uses our goofy, weird imperfections to bond us even closer.

Stay lovely my friend,

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