The Weight You Don’t Want to Lose

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, we gather together and we eat. That’s just what we do! So it’s probably not too far-fetched to guess that losing weight is at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions. Mine too! Yet before we all start rushing off to the gym, here is a caution about the type of weight you do not want to lose… spiritual weight. Beware my friend of neglecting your soul in the coming year.

Even a short season of lean praises, lean prayers, lean service and lean worship will surely land you in a spiritual wasteland where the stored “fat” of our Lord’s peace has melted away. The storehouse of a human soul can go only so long without drawing fresh supplies from heaven before it is consumed by the famine of this dry and weary world. Your former fruitfulness is quickly eaten away by the ravenous appetites of worldliness, self-indulgence and apathy that slip in upon us unawares. Sunny days of spiritual confidence, enthusiasm and advances in the divine life so easily backslides into cold indifference thus robbing you of the ground you’ve gained during more fervent times.

Therefore, as we venture out into this New Year, it is my prayer for you that you actually gain weight… “spiritual weight” that is. Each day may you follow the Good Shepherd to the green meadows of plenty where feasting on time in His presence and in His service fattens the soul. And on those hot, parched days that will surely come your way, may you follow Him beside cool waters where body and soul are quenched by His Living Streams. Yes, the rest of the world is making resolutions to lose unwanted weight but it is my prayer that you do not neglect increasing the girth of your soul. This year stay in the rich lands of the Word, prayer, usefulness and worship where your soul can be well-fed, nourished and yes, even fattened by the Good Shepherd. In fact my friend, I pray that 2012 be your fattest year yet!


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