The Secret to Beauty Over Time

In the garden we call it “deadheading”, in life we call it “letting go and moving forward”. My “thumb” may not be as green as some, but I have learned that by removing spent blooms, a plant will dazzle you again with another show of beauty.

A woman can be physically flawless at 20 but how terrible to get stuck there and not blossom in wisdom, the ability to love, or bring joy, to be content or to gracefully weather life’s storms as she moves through time. This is how beauty becomes a loss and not a gain as we age.  What makes you beautiful at 20 is not the same thing that makes you gorgeous at 40. We have all seen the unfortunate 50 year old woman trying to hold back the hands of time, striving to look 20 but in the process loses the very thing she desires… her beauty. Perhaps the real tragedy in all this is what the world loses when the exquisite beauty of a woman’s soul meant to pass through time with God, gets sidetracked by a youth crazed culture instead. Of course, this is not to say we shouldn’t be as physically stylish and lovely as God allows but we ladies are all too aware that physical beauty can become an obsession in our culture.

Yet, have you ever had the unspeakable pleasure of sitting with a woman who has walked in the presence of the Lord for so many years that she looks upon you with graceful eyes of wisdom and speaks with weighty words of council, compassion and affirmation? If beauty could be weighed she’d max the scales. The insight she offers from having courageously lived and learned through many yesterdays is like a cool drink for parched soul. But she is all too rare. In fact, because women are so easily sidetracked, I’ve only met a few. Oh, and one more thing, she won’t come to you… you have to seek her out because she will never trouble you with instruction are not seeking for yourself. I pray that you find a soul feeder like one of these exquisite sages. They are constant reminders that beauty is gained over time when a woman does not fear “deadheading” what she could never keep.


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