The Game Plan Has Not Changed

TIMEOUT! When trouble seems to loom on the horizon of an unknown future, it’s a really good time to call a “time-out” and regroup. So, let’s huddle for just a minute and I’ll share with you what God shared with me this morning in prayer…

What to do when you don’t know what to do? No matter what your circumstances – it is your privilege as a Christian to walk in the Light… to walk in the peace of God that surpasses all understanding and without anxious fear (Phil 4:6-7). There is GREAT joy in believing! Not the “put a plastic smile on your face” type of joy. To rejoice means not only “exceeding gladness” but also “well-being” “thriving”… which means you may not be giddy about your circumstances today but you can thrive by approaching the unknown future with faith and trust.

As Christians we don’t have another plan. We don’t have another hope. Every single egg is in Christ’s basket. If you’re peering into a dark and gloomy future, then may I suggest you get out of the darkness (that’s your privilege!) and move closer to the Light so you don’t bump into anything or step off some emotional cliff. Your name is written on His hand – period (Is 40:16). Therefore, we lift up our voices in strength… and we do not fear. This momentary bleep of time on the radar of eternity has no power to override eternal joy.

Now before we break, I’ll tell you what God impressed upon me this morning…

THE GAME PLAN HAS NOT CHANGED ONE BIT, MY FRIEND. Return to your joy and keep busy going about His work just as you’ve always done. Walk in the Light, close to your Savior and let the Author of courage and peace abide in you.


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