Remeber Your Love: couple holding hands on a bench

Reclaim Your Love

At first she felt it. His strong, rough hand slip around her more delicate one.

She looked down at fingers entwined. She felt nothing. Not the emotional leap her heart used to feel each time he touched her—especially when his touch was sweet and light.

Remember Your Love: couple holding hands at sunset

She remembered the first time he touched her hand. It was little prettier then. Her hand. Fewer chores.

Back then his grasp was hesitant and uncertain.

Yet in those moments, everything in her world evaporated.

For a breathless instant, there was nothing else.

Only the tingling sensation of sheer pleasure.

Today, looking down at their entwined fingers—each a little more time-worn by years of doing life.

Remember Your Love: couple holding hands

She closes her eyes against all the noise, against her many distractions.

So she could feel.

So she could remember.

And in that breathless instant, the world evaporated and there was nothing else.

Let’s face it. As the years march by there are far more trivial moments in a marriage than exhilarating ones. The secret to keeping love vibrant and alive is to turn the seemingly mundane into breathless. It happens by capturing fleeting moments, like the simple touch of his hand and reclaiming it in your heart for love. Remember to feel your love for him. Reclaim your love.

Stay lovely, my friend!

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