Love’s Christmas Journey Movie Review & Giveaway

I never tire of heartwarming, family friendly movies made by Hallmark so when they asked me to reveiw another Christmas movie, I was thrilled! And you will be too because  Love’s Christmas Journey  is sure to become one of your Hallmark Christmas favorites!

Set in the pioneer days, Hallmark Channel’s Love’s Christmas Journey  is the latest installment of thier Love Comes Softly Saga  inspired by the best-selling series by Janette Oak. Be warned, however, when you look for showtimes to record with your DVR; it comes in two parts – and you will definitely want both. In fact, if you plan to see part 1 one night and part 2 the next… forget it because you won’t be able to wait.

Love’s Christmas Journey focuses on a young woman, Ellie (played by the lovely Natalie Hall) who struggles to overcome a profound loss in her life and decides to visit her widower brother Aaron (actor/model Greg Vaughn) and his two young children. Aaron is the respected sheriff of a small town with a progressive Mayer (Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings) who hopes to attract the railroad and propel the sleepy town to boomtown status.

No Christmas story is complete without a Scrooge and the town’s wealthy, heartless attorney (Charles Shaughnessy) plays that role nicely. In hopes of making hefty profits from the incoming railroad he illegally acquires land from folks fallen on hard times and proceeds to kick them to the curb only weeks before Christmas. When her brother turns up missing, Ellie desperately seeks help from the town’s handsome deputy (Dylan Bruce). Meanwhile, Nick (played by 94 year old Ernest Borgnine just before he passed away) discovers the half dead, shot up Aaron and its touch and go as he works to nurse the beloved sheriff back to health.

This faith-based cinema treat stresses family values and the importance of community. And if you’re a sucker for romance, this movie has not one but two romances unfolding in the midst of a drama that packs a surprisingly suspenseful punch.

Click here for details on the entire cast.

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