Keep Going

If storm clouds are brewing in your life; remember these four truths about God…

1. Keep going even if you feel you’re losing the battle. Exhausting times of battle and turmoil require the recognition that God is at the wheel and there is nothing passive, uncertain or indecisive about His plans for you. He is a purposeful, dynamic and achieving God. He isn’t waiting around to see your next move… He’s already seen it. He doesn’t need your invitation to get involved before taking action… He is already dynamically involved at all times (even if it seems He is not). He isn’t waiting for your advice or directions to act. He is sovereign and in control and He ultimately wins. The secret is to be on the right side.

2. Keep going even if life is spinning out of control. The truth is your life is going according to His sovereign plan for His purposes, your good, and His glory. Oh, it may seem at times life is spinning out of control but to God everything is business as usual. He is never caught by surprise. This trial in your life is allowed by Him not to trip you up and see you fail but to prove your strength to overcome as a witness to a watching world of His unlimited power and glory. You are much stronger than you know. Think about it. What exactly could you not overcome with Christ living in you?

3. Keep going even if you think the enemy is winning. He is not. God has no rival powers. Not even the devil and his minions can threaten the purposes of God for your life. He is God over all. He isn’t peeking in occasionally to see how things are going. God is continuously accomplishing His purposes completely unaffected by the evil doers in your life.

4. Keep going even if you feel discouraged by your circumstances or people. Imperfect conditions from a fallen world do not thwart the plans of God. He achieves His purposes for His children right through imperfect conditions and man’s sinful failings… with one hand tied behind His back. He is a God of goodness, purpose, meaning, and order. So if you’re feeling chaotic right now, it’s time to remember God is at the wheel and though it may seem you are fishtailing on a slippery road right now, the truth is God has every resource in the universe at His fingertips. He is in complete control.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:5)


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