I Saw A Hero

I saw a hero the other day. He wasn’t wearing a red cape or anything. He was simply a man who noticed a young mother with a crying infant and two small children in tow. Her day was going exactly how you think it might be going when you take an infant and two lively children shopping after little or no sleep—everything was a struggle. The tired young mom started to lift a case of heavy water bottles when the hero reached in to intercept by lifting and placing it on the bottom level of her cart.

It was an effortless task for him really. He was strong and able. But his little effort meant the whole world to a woman at the end of her rope. She thanked him, eyes glistening. I could see it because I was standing right there. The hero is my husband who took the time to make a tired mom’s burden just a little lighter.

And when you think about it, kindness is like that. Kindness for us usually amounts to a minor inconvenience. But to the person on the receiving end, your kindness can seem nothing less than heroic.

Don’t you find that most of us rarely struggle with major temptations like stealing, adultery, or murder. No, for us the struggle isn’t doing bad, it’s more about not doing good. Not helping another human being in the midst of his or her struggle…

  • Lifting a bag into the overhead compartment for someone who shouldn’t.
  • Smiling and offering polite conversation to the person who checks you out or sacks your groceries.
  • Holding back that unkind thought or comment.
  • Not interrupting while another person’s speaking.
  • Smiling and being friendly to lift another person’s mood.
  • Slowing your pace so you can reach for the door to help an elderly person struggling just to walk or a mom struggling with a stroller.
  • Choosing not to lash out towards a person having a bad day because you remember what it’s like.

When we’re kind to one another, it reminds us that we’re not alone. That we’re in this together.

Yes, the weight we’re shouldering is sometimes immense so reaching out in kindness means adding a bit more. But haven’t you noticed that when you step outside your own little world to lighten another person’s burden it lightens yours too? Why not spread a ray of sunshine into someone’s life today. The world needs a few more heroes.

Stay lovely my friend,

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  1. Debi

    Thank you for the reminders of two important things: Seeing my husband’s heroic acts that I can easily take for granted, and how I need to follow through and not talk myself out of those times when I see or feel the need to “do good” for another person, no matter how simple it may seem.

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