A Heart For Christmas Movie Review & Giveaway

Christmas is my favorite time of year and as such I’m a pushover for all the heartwarming Christmas specials running on the Hallmark Channel. So it was perfect this year when Hallmark asked me to review one of their upcoming movies; A Heart for Christmas premiering Sunday, December 2, (8/7 Central time). Based on a true story, this movie is both powerful and moving.

PLOT: The story opens with a focus on Megan (played by Candace Cameron Bure), a frenzied mother reeling her way through a successful career and family life. Busy moms will certainly relate to her juggling act. Like most of us, Megan is on overdrive paying bills, building college funds and providing a decent home for her family. She is pulled in all directions battling the responsibilities of providing a future for her family and actually spending time with them.

Running parallel to Megan’s story is the central story of a family dealing with the tragedy of their young son, Dax who has leukemia. Their lives intersect and Megan begins following the blog journal created by Dax’s mother, Julie Locke (Jeanne Neilson) causing Megan to reexamine her priority of providing for tomorrows when you may only have today.

The movie is an inspirational yet realistic picture of the unimaginable ups and downs of a child’s battle with cancer. Though you have never met little Dax; he will change your life.

Candace Cameron Bure: Make It or Break It
Jeannie Nielson: Faith Like Potatoes
George Newburn: Father of the Bride
Erin Bethea: Fireproof
Matthew West Grammy-nominated Christian Singer

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