8 Benefits to Kissing the One You Love

Hello again, I’m back! Since I speak and write on relationships, it seemed to me that preparing you for Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to get back in the blogging saddle.

So I begin by challenging those of you on Facebook to a fun “Selfie Kiss Challenge”. The challenge is to get out there and spread the love by planting a smooch on the cheek of someone you love (hubby, wife, children, parents, friends, family… even your favorite pet!).

In case you need more convincing to spread the love, if you are married (or know someone who is), let’s review the benefits of a good smooch…

Kissing stops the bickering

Are you in a tug of war right now with your hubby? I dare you to call a timeout and go lay one on him – I mean plant the kind of kiss on your man that would make Jesus curl His toes (it’s all good, you’re married)! You see, oxytocin, sometimes called the “cuddle hormone” or “trust hormone” is released during a kiss which promotes trust, makes you less defensive, more compassionate, less emotional, less anxious, calmer, more caring, more empathetic and more willing to share. The yummier the kiss, the more oxytocin!

Kissing keeps your man wanting only you

Oxytocin is also known as the “bonding chemical” or “fidelity hormone”. You will never believe what happened in one study when researchers gave both single men and men in committed monogamous relationships with a woman a good whiff of oxytocin nasal spray. The men were all placed in a room where an unfamiliar, attractive woman was asked to walk among them (hey, this happens at your hubby’s office so you might want to listen up). Because oxytocin promotes trust, researchers expected all the men to allow the attractive woman to come close. HOWEVER, this did not happen! All the men in committed relationships kept a larger distance between themselves and the attractive woman. Apparently, when you keep a committed man high on oxytocin, it makes him less interested in other women and more interested in protecting his relationship with you. (Please hold while I go kiss on Jim!)

Kissing increases your income

Not a joke. According to one German study, husbands who were given a kiss by their wives before leaving for work each morning earned 20 to 30 percent more monthly. They also called in sick less, and had fewer car accidents getting to work. Men who did not receive a kiss, were left dragging, feeling less confident. Apparently, the approval these husbands felt from their wives had a yippee-kay-yay impact on their attitude!

Kissing is good for your heart

A good make out gives you such an adrenaline rush, it increases your heart rate which makes your blood vessels dilate and carry healing blood to your vital organs. (Blood heals in case you haven’t heard!)

Kissing relieves pain

If you have a headache, pushing your sweet-heart away is a rotten idea! A good, long, yummy kiss not only dilates your blood vessels which can ease painful headaches but it also activates endorphins which is your body’s natural morphine. The key is to dig in and leave him wobbly so you get more endorphins.

Kissing helps you lose weight

A good passionate kiss has been proven to burn 8 to 16 calories. And if your kiss leads to chasing each other around the sheets, then hello fat burn city!

Kissing makes you happy

The serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins ignited by a kiss are feel-good chemicals making you feel revitalized and relaxed. If you want marital bliss, kiss, kiss and kiss some more!

Kissing is cheaper than plastic surgery and fancy creams

Deep kissing shapes up your neck, jawline and other facial muscles. The deeper the kiss, the more your muscles get a workout. You don’t need plastic surgery or fancy face creams. What you need is to pucker up!

So here’s the challenge:

Between now and Valentine’s Day, kiss your man fervently several times each day no matter how messy life is and watch your relationship blossom! And don’t forget to take the “Selfie Kiss Challenge”.


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