Keep Your Lights On

Some time ago I asked my husband what happens from a man’s perspective when love begins to fade in a relationship. He’s something of an expert on the subject because he experienced this first-hand in our marriage years ago. I thought you might be interested in a man’s view…

When you first dated your husband, to him you were like a bright light burning in a dark room. Every time you thought of him, your anticipation of being with him kept the light glowing. Like a moth to a flame the light you had for him drew his affections toward you. Focusing your thoughts on your husband and anticipating being with him was the electricity that kept this light burning.

Unfortunately, because our frantic pace lives causes us to be so easily distracted and the nearness of marriage allows us to be so easily offended, you no longer anticipate being with him – he’s no longer high in your affections… and so your light dims. Before long, a man finds himself standing in a dark room. The only problem is – he’s powerless because he has no access to your light switch.

Only you have the power to keep the switch of your affections on for your spouse. In case you missed it, last week I wrote a blog about this same subject… It’s Not Your Husband’s Job to Keep Your Love Alive for Him.

What tips can you give us to keep the light of affection burning for your spouse?


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